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Been meaning to update a post here.. I've been updating things mostly on Tumblr now. Will try to come back here though. :)

How Busy is Too Busy?

As per busy is it that I am too busy. Juggling work, part time and currently my studies. What am I trying to achieve? Feel like I'm torturing myself with all this but that was what I wanted.Serves me right! =P.

But I know I can do it :).

Career Path

Sometimes I wonder if I've chosen the right career path for myself. I use to be happy with what I've done before but recently...not that much. Each morning I wake up with a feeling of utter laziness. Before I'm gladly up to go to work.

So maybe the decision I made wasn't really good for me. Don't get me wrong, it's good for my future but maybe I'm not ready yet for this kind of work. You need more experience than what I have. Well.. no turning back. Chin up and look forward. I mean I'm ok so far with the work... just... the task maybe need someone more experience and maybe I need extra guidance. Oh well... need to push myself and prove to myself and everyone that I can do it! Go go go!

My advise to everyone out there... make sure you know what you really want to do before you've decided to take or do that job. Interest is very important. I have interest in this job but still it's too fast. Guess beggars can't be choosy. Just need more time... I still love working though :). List down all the options you got with pros and cons and see which one makes you happy. Salary is not that important for a start as long as you know you the growth is there.

Also know what's important to you. Prioritize that.

Which Underwear Should I Wear Today?

A different perspective from how a woman and a man decides... Found this site from Kak Aliya's blog.

How woman decides:

How man decides:

Grabbed this from 

So ladies and gents. Lets try these methods starting from today ;)

Movie Billboards

I know one of the way to publicist movies is through billboards. But why oh why they put ghost stories really really scary posters on a very huge billboards.

I almost skidded once the other day in front of Sunway Pyramid because I saw this ! (below)

This movie that is Insidious ... but I think it was a scarier one. FYI peeps.. I hate ghost stories because I can't sleep for a week after watching one.. even Malay ghost movie...they even had one big huge billboard about Kurafat or a movie before that on the KESASS highway..

Come on la.. Scary kot! So not a safety hazard kinda thing.

Online Applications

I just have one question for everyone.

Why do they call it online application when you still have to print out the forms and post it in the end along with a lot other required documents?


Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

My entry maybe is a bit 2000 and late for me to be writing about this movie. Since I had no time to write then so I'm writing it now.

For me, the movie is ok ok. Better than a few other malay movies. Thumbs up for the start of CGI . I especially LOVES the 'Puak Garuda' headquarters.  Picture below is copied from someones Flickr.

But the storyline..some of it is a wee bit off. If you've watched it, did you realize it took time for him to rescue the princess? Until he healed, learn how to fight, fought, became king and finally married to 'Embok'. So long for you to rescue the Princess huh...and 'Embok' is pregnant as well.

So long the Prince and Princess are finally together again.

Acting... kudos to Khir Rahman . As for Stephen, he's alright but a bit too much of trying to be like Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Other than that..its a cool movie..should watch but I won't watch it in the cinema again.

Small Talk

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